TypeScript London

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January 13th, 2023

📍 County Hall, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB

Our first ever TypeScript London meetup will be hosted in the Cloudflare offices in Southbank, London. Extremely grateful for △Vercel who are sponsoring us and donating a few free swag boxes.

We'll be talking about some advanced TypeScript wizardy, including upcoming features, advanced patterns and some of the more obscure features of the language.

Arrive after 17:30, we'll start talks at ~18:00 and afterwards find a pub nearby for some 🍻 drinks.


We've reached capacity for this event, but spots might open back up if people can't make it. If you're interested in attending, please keep an eye out on Alistair's Twitter account for updates.


A really huge thank you to Simon who has immensely helped me organise this event. Please do follow him on Twitter!


  • Andy Jefferson

    Andy Jefferson

    Startup CTO, digital nomad, O’Reilly author, Ex-(Apple, Neo4j). Loves TypeScript, clouds and distributed systems. Dislikes servers, VPCs and Kubernetes.

    A TypeScript-first cloud data startup

    A high-speed tour of TypeScript-first techniques used at Bobsled to build a cross-cloud data startup. We’ll cover end-to-end type safety in a range of situations (not just client-server), writing infrastructure-as-code using Typescript and monorepo tips.

  • John Reilly

    John Reilly

    Group Principal Engineer at Investec. Full time TypeScript open source wizard. Works on DefinitelyTyped and ts-loader, Docusaurus among many others

    Me & Open Source

    The story of how I got into OSS. My engineering journey, covering a bit of DefinitelyTyped, ts-loader and other open source adventures

  • Brendan Coll

    Brendan Coll

    Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, and creator of Miniflare. Loves making developers' lives easier. Currently building tooling for Cloudflare Workers.

    Generating TypeScript with TypeScript

    A deep-dive into how we automatically generate TypeScript definitions for the V8-based runtime that powers Cloudflare Workers. We'll give an overview of our previous approach using C++ AST parsing, then discuss recent improvements using the TypeScript compiler API, and how we enhance auto-generated definitions with user-written overrides to improve ergonomics.

  • Alistair Smith

    Alistair Smith

    18 year old TypeScripter. Open source contributor. Building a cloud platform which doesn't require an expensive certificate to use.

    Parse, don't validate

    A deep dive into how libraries such as Zod make our code more reliable and easier to maintain. We'll look at how they work, how they're implemented and how you can use them in your own projects. Finally, we'll build a library of our own together.